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  ART-LAND is an independent and professionally run company specializing in contemporary canvas art , luxury wall decor and collection of different art crafts . We pride ourselves on providing the best range of arts available, carefully sourced from specialist studios from across the world.
  We offer you an unique opportunity to own a genuine hand made work of art inspired by one of the greats. Browse through our website and view more ... Our artists create reproductions of the
landscape painting
Landscape painting depicts the physical world that surrounds us and includes features such as mountains, valleys, vegetation, and bodies of water. The sky is another important element shaping the mood of landscape paintings. Landscape art ranges from highly detailed and realistic to impressionistic, romantic and idealized. While oil landscape painting predominates, acrylic, and even mixed media are common mediums.
Building and ships paintings
Building and battleships painting actually belongs to the classical art paintings. We take this as an independent theme here . The painters took brush as the major tools to offer our eyes a brand banquet of the ancient buildings, the unique architecture style are revealed with classical colors, which effectively tells the long history behind the painting. most of the oil painting are based on the realistic scenes, so they can give us a strong sense of clearness.
Photos to Portrait paintings
A portrait painting can be that certain something that you have searched all your life and always carried in your soul, it can be a little piece full with electricity in it or can be the missing piece in your life that will complete the puzzle of your artistic experience. There are paintings and paintings but, if you are looking for something truly special, then our collection of portrait paintings is the perfect answer for you or a love one not only because it is a masterpiece in which is depicted the artists' vision about the world,but also because is also a mirror in which your personality can reflect. Send us your photos, we can turn them into satisfactory paintings, for you to present to your lovers ,wives ,friends ,families .etc .
Classical art paintings
The classical art transcend a literal representation of the subject -orchestrating shape ,light ,color and brushstrokes .The range of artistic expression extends from dramatic compositions of light and dark to subtle veils of atmosphere and color harmonies -distinguished by find draft man ship .The extensive study of classical artists and anatomy is revealed in their works .Art-land is an renowned classical painting workshop sell European artworks ,classical nude paintings,classical landscape oil painting , hunting works for sale ,battleship ,still life art .etc . All of our classical art for sale are produced to the highest standards .The special expert has supervised the production of every classical oil painting to ensure that the color and the detail of the original art has been reproduced as faithfully as possible .Our extensive range is second to none and is still evolving and improving .
Animal paintings
Our animal painters specialize in the portrayal of animals .Before animal painters would often collaborate with other artists, who would either paint the main subject in ahistory or mythological piece, or the landscape background in a decorative one. Our talented artists are qualified in the combination of various subjects instead of only the portrayal of animals . All of our animal paintings are 100% hand-painted by our professional artists. Our artists start with a blank canvas and paint each and every brushstroke entirely by hand utilizing the finest oil paints on artist grade canvas. We can paint oil paintings of any image in any size. Order your oil paintings from our art gallery now!
Still life paintings
Still life paintings are especially appreciated because of their realistic feature. You look at a still life painting and you feel like you want to touch, or smell the objects depicted there. It is said that great paintings manage to raise more than just one of the viewer senses. Well that is for sure when it comes to still life paintings. Just looking at some apples may be enough to feel their taste and remember their smell. This is a great characteristic that all art lovers highly appreciate. Still life paintings become great focus points in anyone's home, because of their simplicity and verisimilitude. A well chosen spot on the walls of your house and everyone will undoubtedly notice them.
Impressive paintings
The impressionist art style of painting is characterized chiefly by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light. The most conspicuous characteristic of Impressionism painting was an attempt to accurately and objectively record visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and colour. The Impressionist painters often worked "en plein air", or outdoors, to capture the fleeting effects of sunlight and atmosphere in quick brushstrokes of bold, unmixed colour applied directly to the canvas..
Abstract paintings
Abstract paintings are the most common form of abstraction in art. While there are abstract sculptures and music, abstract paintings seem to top the category especially during the middle period of expansion of abstract art in America. Abstract paintings usually depart from reality in order to give way to imagery in art. This departure from accurate and realistic image can be slight, partial or thorough. Abstract paintings tell so much about visual language in the form of artistic expression on canvas. They are meticulously planned out before the painting begins. If you carefully look at abstract paintings for sale here on our online art gallery you can see that, everything is planned to the last detail. It is actually a common misconception that abstract art is just a mishmash of random objects done on the artist's whim.
New Product

Art-Land presents new products monthly with these paintings vibrant ,vivid ,suitable for selections and decorations . These selections might not only popular recently ,they might be very famous in the ancient times. People always have taste of reactionist for art .Art-land is very specialized in capturing the trend of art ,working our best to provide the best art for you .Don;t hesitate ,just contact us tell us what you want ,100% for sure you will be satisfied by our services and the most important by our best quality paintings .

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