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  ART-LAND is an independent and professionally run company specializing in contemporary canvas art , luxury wall decor and collection of different art crafts . We pride ourselves on providing the best range of arts available, carefully sourced from specialist studios from across the world.
  We offer you an unique opportunity to own a genuine hand made work of art inspired by one of the greats. Browse through our website and view more ... Our artists create reproductions of the

Still life painting

Still life paintings are especially appreciated because of their realistic feature. You look at a still life painting and you feel like you want to touch, or smell the objects depicted there. It is said that great paintings manage to raise more than just one of the viewer senses. Well that is for sure when it comes to still life paintings. Just looking at some apples may be enough to feel their taste and remember their smell. This is a great characteristic that all art lovers highly appreciate. Still life paintings become great focus points in anyone's home, because of their simplicity and verisimilitude. A well chosen spot on the walls of your house and everyone will undoubtedly notice them.
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